joe McGee

joe McGee


Book me for school visits!

 Please contact me at for school visits, library events, and other opportunities. 

I am happy to visit and I offer various presentations and programs tied into my books, writing, and creativity!

 "Joe McGee is an outstanding presenter and a pleasure to work with. I have been a school librarian for nearly 17 years and he is one of the most engaging authors we have had at our school. The students and teachers really appreciated that Joe took time to speak with them in an approachable and interested way. The students love his books and enjoyed learning about his history and process...I would highly recommend him as an author visit for any elementary school!"

- Stefanie Lipsey, Library Media Specialist, Bayville Primary School, Bayville, NY

"Joe McGee conducted a wonderful, interactive school-wide assembly for my K-5 students and staff. He also taught a group of students how to create a story. His books fly off my library shelves. Some of my students dressed up as his book characters for our Read Across America event. If you decide to book an assembly with this creative, engaging author, he won’t disappoint. Kids can totally relate to the morals (i.e. bullying, being your own person) and also learn how a story is created. Best assembly ever!"

- Cindy Caucci, Library Media Specialist, Chews Landing Elementary School, Chews Landing, NJ

 School Assembly/Presentation:

These assemblies are typically geared for K-5th grade and run from 45 minutes to an hour. Some highlights of my presentation include:

 • A PowerPoint presentation that shows the children who I am and how I became an author, focusing on the importance of reading, writing, and creativity, to include ways in which they can create their own stories and engaging their imagination

• An interactive reading...imagine a whole room of children laughing and moaning "Brainnsssss..." or "Sploink!" when the aliens appear!

• Question & answer period

Young Writers’ Workshop:

These workshops can be tailored to compliment what the students are learning in the classroom. Typically geared towards 3rd-5th-graders, and running from 60-90 minutes, workshops might include:

  • Develop a character – Students will explore character creation and create a character profile
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Students will learn to engage their senses, implement imagery, and effectively use dialogue, action, and action verbs to add punch to their writing
  • Build-a-Story – Using a variety of prompts, students will create the beginning paragraph or scene of their own story

Skype Visits

A 30-minute Skype visit that gives students a chance to meet me and ask questions in a fun, friendly Q& A session about my books, about me, about writing and creativity!