joe McGee

joe McGee




 Book #1

Andrews McMeel Publishing

Norm Strider is worried about fitting in at camp. Literally. He’s not just tall for a kid. He’s tall even for a bigfoot. Oliver has the opposite problem. He’s small enough that a strong wind might knock him over. He’s also the only human at Camp Moonlight because his parents are the park rangers.

With the help of their new friends, Hazel (a hyperactive jackalope) and Wisp (a boy fairy who can’t fly), they’ll have to work together to earn their canoeing certification where a lake monster is rumored to live. To make matters worse, the sinister Barnaby Snoop will stop at nothing to capture Norm for his personal creature collection.


Book #2

Andrews McMeel Publishing

The creature campers are back for another adventure! To pass their map and compass skill test, they must find their way to a hidden spot in the forest, where a picnic feast awaits!

Follow Norm the Bigfoot and his friends as they brave a swampy lake, a scheming creature collector, and a starry night surprise to get to their deliciously sweet reward - and learn the true meaning of teamwork and trust.


Book #3

Andrews McMeel Publishing

The Creature Campers will have to work together to conquer their biggest challenge yet: the Camp Moonlight obstacle course . . . of DOOM!

 Norm, Oliver, Hazel, and Wisp will have to cross the monkey bars without landing in the ooey, gooey mud, crawl on their bellies through a tire tunnel, and climb a towering challenge known as The Wall—all while blindfolded! As the campers take turns leading, they learn that sometimes it’s good to be small, and sometimes it’s good to be tall, but it’s always good to face a challenge with friends who cheer you on with every step, hop, stride, or wing flutter. And a little unexpected help when you need it most never hurts, either!