Please contact me at for school visits, library events, and other opportunities. 

I am happy to visit and I offer various presentations and programs tied into my books, writing, and creativity!

 School Assembly/Presentation:

These assemblies are typically geared for K-5th grade and run from 45 minutes to an hour. Some highlights of my presentation include:

 • A PowerPoint presentation that shows the children who I am and how I became an author, focusing on the importance of reading, writing, and creativity, to include ways in which they can create their own stories and engaging their imagination

• An interactive reading...imagine a whole room of children laughing and moaning "Brainnsssss..." or "Sploink!" when the aliens appear!

• A collaborative storytelling activity

• Question & answer period

Young Writers’ Workshop:

These workshops can be tailored to compliment what the students are learning in the classroom. Typically geared towards 3rd-5th-graders, and running from 60-90 minutes, workshops might include:

  • Develop a character – Students will explore character creation and create a character profile
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Students will learn to engage their senses, implement imagery, and effectively use dialogue, action, and action verbs to add punch to their writing
  • Build-a-Story – Using a variety of prompts, students will create the beginning paragraph or scene of their own story